2016 Taiwan Mission Day 8

2016 Taiwan Mission Day 8

Today we have the sharing from all 9 STM groups. We belongs to group 4A. Group 4B is the mixed team from NY and HK. Each group has only 5 minutes to share our works for these several days. And we will share this 5 minutes with our partner group, you can imagine Pastor Tin need to be short and precise. Ricky is not in the picture for he is controlling the power point. Bella already left on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, 大會arrange local tours. We all joined the one to 故宮.

The evening is the open ceremony of 國宣大會. 馬英傑牧師 gives a 30 min 培靈信息──末世挑戰.

Tomorrow will be whole day messages and workshops.

In Christ,