2016 Taiwan Mission Day 4

2016 Taiwan Mission Day 4

Another day to Praise the LORD.

Today show is scheduled to be in 活石農場. Of course this is outdoor, after dinner. The site is quite remote and is not that easy to find. So, we are not sure how many people will attend. Besides, it has a few drops of rain in the afternoon and make the ground wet.

Since we still have couple more shows in the next few days, we don’t want to make the curtains and stage cloth wet and dirty, so we decide not to setup the stage. Simply we use 2 tables as the front stage, similar to last time we did it in Israel at 黃長老restaurant. Only 5 lightings are setup with no curtain and powerpoint. It’s good that they have borrowed a sound system and thus, the voice part is loud enough for everyone to hear. At the end we have more than 40 people there! Though we have a very simple setup, but everything runs well and the audience enjoy a lot.

Before the show, we have dinner in the farm, the veggie is so fresh and taste good. After we have done with the setup, we spend some times to chat with the audience. 場面幾熱鬧!

In the morning, we have a quick tour around and visit two places:
1.「石店子治茶四九, 店主是位基督徒,他親手造陶壺並親自烘製天然茶,讓客人品賞。他的生活行為見證著主的愛,慢慢地改變住在隔壁的吸毒者。
2. 另一個基督徒家庭,他開放他的屋讓我們參觀,他的生活模式著重回歸大自然,深深享受神創造的大能,利用大自然來調節室溫,不用冷氣!又是另一個用生活去見證神的實例.


明天是我們的最後一天在關西, we will have one more show in the morning, than leaving for 台北. Please pray for our trip to Taipei.
Eunice is not feeling well 腸胃炎and she is leaving tomorrow night. Please pray for her speedy recover.
Also, Joyce 有兩隻手指被車門夾傷, please pray for her finger as well.

In Christ,