2015 NY Mission

Thanks God that we have a very successful day. Weather is good and the show runs smooth except for one scene. Don’t know what causes it, the sound track stop playing for a minute in the middle of the scene.

We have a nice opening ceremony this morning. Pastor Tin give a nice message during the opening. We start to setup our stage early this time and get ourselves ready oby the time. However, the other groups run overtime, so we start at 8 something, pretty late. However, still a lot of kids waiting for our show. They do enjoy the puppet show a lot. We are all tired tonight.

Today is the first clinic day. Unfortunately, it rains this morning and affect the number of patience at the start. More patient comes in at a later time. We have a total of 5 doctors.

We have a total of 23 people of patient today with 3 doctors. So, it is a long day for the doctors. We over-run the clinic for an hour. But the result is very good. I have seen several people believe in Christ while waiting and Pastor Tin also has one patient that believe in Christ le treating her. The other Chinese doctor also spread the gospel while taking care of patient.

Afternoon training session is 武術佈道法. Again, this class is very interesting and a lot of students as usual. At night we have dinner with Lisa and Herman, our old friends.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in the morning, 布偶practice and 布偶劇佈道 at night. Please pray for us and the whole program. Pray that the whole play run smooth without interruption.

We have a really long day for all of us. Though it is tired, but we all have joy and praise God.

In the morning, the clinic is not as many people as yesterday, but people comes in very slow and late. We end up have 25 patients with a total of 4 doctors. As usual, Pastor Tin’s patients have serious problems and he only able to take care of a few patients today. But, one old man believe Christ. His wife is a Christian, but not him. He is very stubborn and finally he witness the love of God thru today’s clinic and willing to pray with us. Praise the LORD!

Tonight’s puppet show is very smooth and success. Again, don’t know why today there are not that many audience in the park. Before our puppet show, the HK short term mission team has a children program before us. As shown in the picture, not that many kids crowded over there, but more and more children and adults watch our puppet show. At the end of the show, a lot of kids surround around the puppets! We all praise the LORD for the wonderful weather, and the show runs very smooth and with positive comments.

Please pray for Pastor Tin, his voice sounds like he is sick. He is very tired for all these works. And he is going to have whole day clinic and Kung Fu Evangelistic meeting at night.

We have clinic session the morning and afternoon. Since Pastor Tin has martial art demonstration and evangelistic meeting at night, we have released him from the afternoon clinic session. Today’s clinic session is very crowded, over 40 patients with only 4 doctors in the morning and 3 doctors in the afternoon session.

After the clinic, we have a group feedback. They all think the clinic is very good and effective. After helping the patient feeling the form, they’ve already build some kind of trust with each other and able to share gospel. A few patients believe in Christ before they see the doctors.

During the morning devotion period, HK short term mission team has shown us their 健身操.

Tomorrow is the last day of clinic. Please pray that more non-believer get to know God.

Praise the LORD! We have finished our mission. Tomorrow is our last day and only attending the worship. Pastor Tin will be preaching in two places, after sharing will head up to Boston with the other doctors and 短宣中心.

We have a full day of clinic today and crowded with people in the afternoon. Doctors are less, but all team members work hard and talked with the patient, except me of course. I mainly handled the scheduling. Ricky run back and forth to take the patient to the doctor’s room. Heidi together with another sister from HK help measuring the blood pressure. Yvonne is helping Pastor Tin with the patient. Joyce is helping the patient to fill the forms and share the gospel to the patient. Bella is helping Pastor Tin and also talking with the patient.

All of us have a wonderful sharing tonight after dinner. Bella is the one who is not feeling well in LA already and God has taken good care of her that she didn’t get worse with such a busy schedule. We are heading back to LA tomorrow evening.

Attached are some pictures that we’ve taken together with HK short term mission team and 短宣中心 陳傳道及麥傳道, group sharing, today and yesterday clinic location, NY City Rescue Mission (free food on every 3rd week of the month), and the new 短宣中心 location.