2013-10-27 Peru Mission Day 7

2013-10-27 Peru Mission Day 7

Pastor Tin and STM Team – Peru Mission Day 7 Highlights

Today is 寶華堂 10th Anniversary.  Praise the Lord that more than 200 people attend the evangelistic sermon and the anniversary. Though a bit run overtime, but you can see the joyful face everywhere in the church.

After the ceremony, there is one more session in the afternoon for our mission program.  At this very last session, Pastor Tin change the program to a workshop on 修身養性 and allow people to ask question at the end.  As usual, people keep asking question at the end.

Then, STM team went to visit Mr Chan who has a serious accident about 2 months ago and is now paralyze.  Both Pastor Tin and Teddy help him in several treatments and stay there for couple hours.  Please pray for Mr Chan and his family with 3 children (1 son and 2 girls).  Luckily, his children are already passed twenty and can help to take care of their Chifa restaurant “Mr Chan”.  Mrs Chan is very depressed with not much hope.  She hasn’t believed in Christ yet.  Only the eldest daughter believes.  Please pray for this family.

By the time STM team go back home, it was already 10:30 pm and they haven’t eaten their dinner.  However, there is another patient waiting for Teddy at our place!   Though it is very tired for both Pastor Tin and Teddy, but they are happy for the patient feels much better after treatment.

Starting Monday, STM team will have the Evangelistic Tour.  36 people attend this tour and over 80 % are non-Christian.  Please pray for this 2 days 1 night Evangelistic Tour.  Because STM team will be at the tour, Jackie may not be able to update within the next 2 or 3 days.