2013-10-26 Peru Mission Day 6

2013-10-26 Peru Mission Day 6

Pastor Tin and STM Team – Peru Mission Day 6 Highlights


youth group

Today is the last day of Free clinic.   During the five days of free clinic, STM team have a total of 92 new patients.  Some of them come because they see the advertisement in the newspaper.

In the afternoon, STM team have the children program, the children enjoy the Kung Fu shows and the 剪紙 Paper Crafting very much. After the meeting, some teenagers even try to play with Pastor Tin and Teddy weapon.  After the special program, the teens continue their Chinese school.  After learning the 剪紙 Paper Crafting Evangelistic Skills last night, the teens teach the kids and their parents how to do it.  The teens really learn fast and use the skill right away!

After the children program, STM team have another evangelistic meeting for the youth, that include Peru and Chinese teenagers. See the group picture.