2013-10-25 Peru Mission Day 5

2013-10-25 Peru Mission Day 5

Pastor Tin and STM Team – Peru Mission Day 5 Highlights


The evangelisticl meeting 餐福佈道會 has 90 people attend, more than their usual ones 餐福聚會.  The guests all have a very positive feedback and enjoy Pastor Tin’s message a lot.  After the evangelistic meeting, they have late dinner or early morning breakfast at 3 in the morning!  By the time STM team arrive their living place, it was already passed 4 in the morning!

大刀長槍對打時,他們的內功震斷了長槍,When Pastor Tin and Teddy performing Chinese Kung Fu weapons show, they accidentally break the weapons; thus Pastor Tin need to fix the weapons in the morning.

After rest in the morning, STM team start free clinic again in the morning.  With the experience in China Town, they do the similar arrangement in 保華堂.  Patients need to get the ticket and only allow certain number of patients.  Pastor Tin first determines if the patient(s) need further treatments, he will then pass them to Teddy.  STM team make the new setting so that Teddy can take care 3 patients at the same time!

At night, Pastor Tin has a 剪紙 training session for the church members and staffs.  While Pastor Tin is doing the training, Teddy continues to take care of the patients.  The last patient finish at 11:20pm!  What a long day for Teddy, almost 9 hours non-stop!