2013-10-23 Peru Mission Day 3

2013-10-23 Peru Mission Day 3

Pastor Tin and STM Team – Peru Mission Day 3 Highlights

morning prayer mtg

STM team attend the church regular morning meeting at 7 am. Then, Pastor Tin continue to have the Kung Fu healthy exercise 武術養生運動,more people attend the exercise event 養生運動, please see the attached picture.

Pastor Miguel has injured his arm, and Pastor Tin taught Miguel’s wife how to message his wound. Now, Pastor Tin has trained a new student here. She learned fast!

STM team have another success event today. There are a total of 26 patients today, plus 2 staffs. Again, there are overflows and the event runs overtime 2 hours today. So, both Pastor Tin and Teddy are pretty tired. Please pray for them. STM team are going to have a long day tomorrow. They will first have a free clinic section in China town in the morning, then Pastor Tin and Teddy will go visit one or two patients in the afternoon. Then, evangelical meeting 餐福佈道會 late at night till early next morning!