2013-10-22 Peru Mission Day 2

2013-10-22 Peru Mission Day 2

Pastor Tin and STM Team – Peru Mission Day 2 Highlights

Pray for the day (10_22_13)



Praise the LORD!!  Peru STM team have a very wonderful day today.  They have a pretty good size of Kung Fu Class 中華武術養生運動班 this morning.  After that, almost 90% of the patients come from this class.  Both Teddy and Pastor Tin have a full day.  During the free clinic time (almost 6 hours non-stop), the two have seen 24 patients plus 2 more from STM crew.
Attached are the pictures from today.  They start with a prayer meeting.  It’s very important for God’s work!  The clinic area is in the ground floor, they need to make some design to make the clinic more efficient.  Thus, we decided to have 4 rooms, but 2 doctors!.  This is really challenging to setup the area.  Though it is very primitive design, but it works out pretty good!
They are going to attend the church morning prayer meeting at 7am!  So, they will have another long day tomorrow.


Kung Fu Class 中華武術養生運動班 & Free Chinese Clinic 義診 – Chinese Alliance Church in San Borja 祕魯宣道會寶華堂

Chinese Alliance Church in Peru and Pastor Chang