Our dearest brother NK Wu goes to long term mission 親愛的胡弟兄踏上長期宣教之路



Our dearest brother NK Wu (He is one of the CABC founding members.) joins Overseas Mission Fellowship and goes to China / Hong Kong for long term mission.  He is going to use his expertise by providing information technology support for other missionaries.  Please support NK’s long term mission (in prayers and / or financially). P.S. NK is the very first missionary sending by CABC!

我們最親愛的胡乃琚弟兄(他是的CABC創始成員之一。)加入OMF到中國及香港作長期宣教。他將用他的專業知識為其他宣教士提供資訊科技技術支援。大家請用禱告或在財政上支持胡乃琚弟兄長期宣教。 註: 胡乃琚弟兄乃是CABC派遣的第一位宣教士!
Overseas Mission Fellowship http://www.omf.org/us