A letter from Mr. NK Wu 胡乃琚弟兄的信

Dear All,


Hope this finds you well. Thanksgiving time is here now and there are really lots of things to be thankful for.
First thing to be thankful is being safely back to HKG from an orientation class in Singapore for the last 4 weeks. The class provided many helpful information concerning cross-culture ministry as well as the structure of the organisation. There were also many opportunities in sharing with each other..
Another thing to be really thankful is that I got a flu before going to Singapore but our Lord granted me a pretty speedy recovery while in Singapore.
Also thankful that I have started to involve more in the daily routine of supporting the current IT system.and have also completed the evaluation and budgeting of IT requirements for the coming year.
For place to live, really thankful that I never short of place to stay though still moving among various living locations. Would probably be able to have a more permanent place to stay in early part of next year.
Have been practicing mandarin whenever possible but haven’t been able to take any class yet.
Things you can remember me in:
– Follow up on materials learned in Singapore
– Stay healthy and fit
– Supporting the IT system
– Permanent living location
– Mandarin learning


Thanks and Many Blessings /NK


” I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. ” – Psalm 69:30