Sermons Archive 講道重溫

各位弟兄姊妹,從今天起,我們加添了一項新服務,您們可以到講道重溫收聽,下載或在iTune podcast收聽(於 Apple App Store search Christian Alliance Bible Church)昔日的中文講道,我們已經將2013年四月份起的講道上載,之後將陸續的把今年錄音的講道一一上載,之於往年的講道,我們將會因應各位的需要和網站的資源,再決定是否上載。

Dear brothers and sisters, we have added a new feature to our website.  From now on, you can either listen or download previous sermons (Chinese sermons for now) at Sermons Archive page.  You can even listen or subscribe the sermons through Apple iTune – simply search Christian Alliance Bible Church at Apple App Store.  We have added Chinese sermons from April 2013 til now.  Depending on the needs of our brothers and sisters and our hosting site resources, we will slowly added the others (including English sermons).